Shipping info

Delivery Policy

Do you remember pain of receiving good while we paid already. In this section we see clearcut delivery policy.

Packaging Process & Policy

Bed is huge in size !!! Does it properly Packed? you get all information about Packaging here.

All About Shipping

Still doubt ? No worries, you get all information about transport from company to your Door step.


Different Product needs Different Packaging and also customer need.

Regular Packaging

Most of the beds and accessories packed in this method. we use Light density degradable polythene wrap to cover from Dust and water Drops. Then using reusable polysacks we wrap up the entire mattress. There is no extra cost charged in this method

Premium Packaging

Where the mattress are Packed in 3 layers. first it is packed using low density polythene wrap. 2, High Density Degradable polythene wrap 3. Corrugated sheet is placed 4. Polysack for external covering.(50 Rs Per Sq.Feet Extra)

Lcare Packaging

You get atmost of care of packaging in this type. where the mattress are first travel insured before leaving the company. First the mattress is covered with low density polythene wrap , Then corrugated sheet+ and then air bubbled wrap and finally with white polysack.(150 Per Sq.Feet Extra)

By Default it is Regular type. Customers are requested to mention the Packaging type in the order note if they other than regular. we calculate the cost based on the size of the mattress and share a seperate payment link to your email and mobile. we will intimate via phone one or twice. if there is no response within SLA period we will consider as default(Regular Type).


No worries, All our products are home delivered

Shipping Within India

Mattress, Pillow or Accessories, All are door delivered within India through our default courier channel.


we choose the best carrier service from shiprocket App.

** It may be local / Domestic / International, we follow EXW / FCA incoterms for all our delivery.

** International : Custom and Custom related charges must be paid by the customer while delivering the product to the courier team.

** No Delivery if it restricted zone or Restricted Destination.

** Courier or Shipping charges is calculated from our courier partner web API service based on weight, size of the product.

Courier Rights

  1. Courier point have full rights to check the content (By Scanning / Opening the Package – Fully / Partially)
  2. we have soft deal, that they will transit the bed/ Products while if there is Part load / Enough Free space. so dear customer’s dont think that it is delay. it is we are transit in safe.
  3. customer’s are requested to generate transit insurance if they want.
  4. Customer’s are requested to support the courier to identify the location
  5. Door Delivery Really means , main gate delivery.
  6. Customer’s are requested to arrange the facility to lift up to floor in any means.
  7. if there is door lock when there is a delivery, Courier end point have full rights to determine whats next.
  8. Courier team have full rights to club the delivery or wise versa

Companys Responsibility

  1. Dear customer, LayaBeds have full rights to change the format and content of this page any time. It Doesn’t mean we update as we wish. it is for both of our convenience.
  2. we mean courier service = Parcel service = Shipping AgencyShipping Cost mentioned here is determined by the transport agency.
  3. Transport is not part of LayaBeds.
  4. LayaBeds Dont have any agreement with any courier service.