Shipping Detail

Packing,Labeling, Shipping and Delivery Details are Drafted here:-


In LayaBeds, we follow our standards in packaging

Packaging type and packaging materials vary different for different Products.

courier AWN number shared via mail / sms / watsapp also update in the order id.

customer can avail special packaging, Please chat with us to know more.


> Within Tamilnadu, Our default service list is ST-Courier,Professional,First-Flight

> Outside Tamilnadu : our default is SafeExpress

> For Rest of the world delivery,”we choose the best carrier service from shiprocket”.

** It may be local / Domestic / International, we follow EXW / FCA incoterms for all our delivery.

*** Customer’s are requested to enter a note about the near by courier service,or who server in their locality. if not specified,we select from our default.

Shipping Charge

customer have a choice to select the way, to pay the shipping charges

If it is within Tamilnadu .40 / Kg for Basic and Classic Model

Postpay – Depends on model courier will charge Per kg or volumetric.

Outside Tamilnadu currently we deliver through Professional and SafeExpress and the Shipping charges are weigh based / volumetric.

Courier Rights

  1. Courier point have full rights to check the content (By Scanning / Opening the Package – Fully / Partially)
  2. we have soft deal, that they will transit the bed/ Products while if there is Part load / Enough Free space. so dear customer’s dont think that it is delay. it is we are transit in safe.
  3. customer’s are requested to generate transit insurance if they want.
  4. Customer’s are requested to support the courier to identify the location
  5. Door Delivery Really means , main gate delivery. Customer’s are requested to arrange the facility to lift up to floor in any means.
  6. Customer’s are requested to pinpoint the nearest courier service while they were ordering.(Bcoz some Courier services
  7. if there is door lock when there is a delivery, Courier end point have full rights to determine whats next.
  8. Courier team have full rights to club the delivery or wise versa

  1. Dear customer, LayaBeds have full rights to change the format and content of this page any time. It Doesn’t mean we update as we wish. it is for both of our convenience.
  2. we mean courier service = Parcel service = Shipping Agency
  3. Shipping Cost mentioned here is determined by the transport agency.
  4. Transport is not part of LayaBeds.
  5. LayaBeds Dont have any agreement with any courier service.

Outside India

Each and every day, a kapok tree drinks 100 litre of water minimally . 1 liter costs = 1 rupee, 100 liter for 150 days costs =15000 Rupees and yields 1000 pods

1000 pods = 10 KG silk cotton

we spent 15000 for raise 10 kg, so 1500 rs per kg. Even it is free from nature, Its Nations Property.

based on size of the bed you may required to pay 1500 rs extra per kg.So that it will help us to stabilize the national wealth movement.

what we do with that extra money

we donate the amount to indian waterboard development. (or) Its ok if you pay the same and show the certificate.we are happy to pack the order.