Ayurvedic Beds – Premium Kapok Mattress – Exciting & Cool

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Class : Luxury Mattress

Stuffing Material : Kapok ( Silk Cotton / ilavam panju)

Fabric : Bamboo

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Premium Kapok Mattress

Premium Kapok Mattress are made Comfort,Luxury and Durability in Mind. 

It offers More soft , More Cool, More Anti-Bacterial ,More Medicinal Qualities, Functionality.


Native Organic Kapok

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Bamboo Mattress Fabric

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Sleep-Dynamic Design

we re-engineered the kapok bed for better ventilation,but adding sleep dynamic principles. Result from Bio-Mimic

Whar is inside Premium Kapok Mattress

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Native Organic Kapok


  • Twisted Pair Stitch
  • Sleep Dynamic Based Rblock Design


  • Bamboo Fabric


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LayaBeds Founder Walkthrough Premium Model Mattress
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72, 75, 78


48, 60, 72, 78


6, 7.4, 9

49 reviews for Ayurvedic Beds – Premium Kapok Mattress – Exciting & Cool

  1. hemadri babu

    This Ayurvedic-bed bamboo is not a Trick it is all Treats. Queen Mattress is a A+ purchase for anyone looking to focus on the benefits of a goodnight sleep. It has the perfect combination of support and coolness to keep you sleeping through the night. The kapok Pillow is one of the better cooling and soft flexi Landble pillows, I have tried & paired with the mattress it leaves me with the feeling that I am on a cloud.

    Overall great experience and I expect it to last longer

  2. vishal silgari

    Awesome bed. Do not wake up sore or feeling like a pretzel. Can’t feel the wife when she moves around anymore. Love it.

  3. guru kulkarni

    So far the deluxe has been good. My back feels pretty good compared to my sleep number I was using..

  4. Thonta dharyab

    This bed is a super comfy replacement for our old pillow top. It doesn’t feel like your sinking in and stuck while contouring your body perfectly.

  5. kamlesh

    I have had the premium now for almost a month and I like it.

  6. Sanjai

    The buying process was good and so far everything seems to be good with the bed so far and the bed seems comfortable.
    packing is really awsome

  7. Prabhakar

    Amazing bed love it wish I heard about it sooner. Def a must have

  8. Kumar

    Wonderfully cool, soft but supportive, this mattress is beyond what I thought I was getting.

  9. John

    So I can now properly give a review on the sweet premium mattress from ayurvedic bed .we got a while back. Even though I am a chronic snorer, I sleep through the night most nights and that never used to happen. I don’t wake up with back pain anymore either.

  10. Dhanapal

    Our son recommended this bed because of his experience with one. He ordered one for us and we have been using for over a week now. Sleeping better now than we have for years. Thanks for a great product!

  11. Raguraman

    I finally decided on this because because of the cooling properties (since I’m at the age of night sweats) and the reviews. My son has the classic ayurvedic bed model. and loves it and I’ve laid on it and didn’t want to get up.bed seems a little firmer though, maybe due to the extra cooling layer? I don’t I don’t Read more about review stating Love this bed!know, but either way, I haven’t woke up sweating and hips don’t hurt!! Happy with my purchase!

  12. stalin

    I am Narayanan from chennai..After researching several options ayurvedic bed had the best price and warranty for the natural beds i have ever searched.

  13. usha

    i am usha from chennai ..have ordered queen mattress.At first, we were skeptical… But… This bed is fantastic!!!

  14. Prem Mathew

    Hi this is Prem Mathew from kottayam,kerala….The awesomeness of this bed is the fact that it is firm in the right places while also being the coolest bed i have ever slept on. It gave my back some much needed relief!

  15. Ahamed

    I have ordered 6″ queen mattress premium model to top my existing coir mattress…but i am still not convenience from my body heat…i tried on the floor but still body heat…called to customer support and asked for a solution or return..they asked to try the bed alone for 48 days….let me try and write the review

    let us see…whether they return or they cheat

  16. Sathya

    Since we got the Ayur bed from laya beds , I’ve been sleeping like a baby. The cool premium is fantastic!

  17. Rafeek

    Love the bed AND the pillow! Most comfortable ever!

  18. sachin C

    Love it!

  19. Mrutyunjayanath

    Ordered these mattress in furniture expo and delivered to my home.
    prompt delivery and the customer care service is responsive.

    product is in expected quality.

    worth for money.

  20. Achutha Menon

    awesome but a bit difficult for seniors to
    handle when we need maintanance… we requested the door delivery as we are in 8 th floor in L&T apartment. and they perfectly delivered.

  21. Mughila C

    My husband and I loved our King size ayur mattress so much we purchased 2 Full king mattresses for our teenage son and daughter. Now the entire family is getting the best sleep ever!

  22. Abin Paul

    The mattress is awesome!! Very comfortable and keeps cool all night long!!! Make sure you add the adjustable base for the total awesomeness!!!when you order for elder

  23. Kuzhal

    I recently purchased this bed and we both absolutely love it! We both sleep incredibly. It’s got just the right firmness and cushion for us.

  24. venkatesan

    Pretty comfy, definitely worth the money

  25. Mahindran Ashish

    It’s s scary to buy a mattress online… But this mattress is so comfortable! I’ve been telling everyone I know, I think it’s the best bed I’ve ever had!
    It fit into my existing king bed frame. Take a chance and try this mattress

  26. vignesh

    i bought custom premium single bed for my mom. it is too costly it seems

  27. Navjot

    Maybe to soft

  28. sasirropan

    we ordered custom size mattress and usually we dont like white cloth. we raised return request and they rejected and said ” as per policy – custom bed is not returnable”….much disappointed

  29. Harshini

    it is good if they replace with our old mattress. it is hard dispose the old mattress in chennai city.

    i think it will improve the business model too.

  30. Ahamed

    this is Ahmed ,today morning i got customer experience call from laya beds and asked us to re-review the comments..

    i am writing from my heart…now i dont feel any body heat issue. paralley i followed the best sleep instructions…

    that is for our betterment right.

    i am 100 % suggesting to go for this 🙂

  31. Aroop

    Very comfortable bed!

  32. Rajammal

    i am rajammal ,75+ years ,we grown from bedding family and never heared premium class in natural kapok mattress. my son bought this for me ….” i seen the cloth…it is like flour touch feel”..i never seen a cloth like this…
    responsiveness of the mattress is too good. and the edges protecting me from slippery.

    appreciate the service

  33. Rathish

    This is Rathish from Delhi, we ordered custom premium mattress. after 3 days of order we got shipping track id and took 4 days for door delivery.Due to package damage we returned it .

    After 5 days again we got another shipping id and again it took 4 more days to deliver…

    This time very good packaging…but we were in a situation to wait long to fullfill our will.

    But not able to find better kapok mattress locally.

    Sir, it seems there is huge demand for kapok silk cotton mattress in delhi…it increases ur sale if you have local dealer.
    sorry for 1*

  34. Bhagya

    Soft,firm and cool all at once.

  35. Franklin

    First week is going well, we had the peps mattress previously and we are sleeping though the night better with the premium bamboo bed.

  36. Aziz

    So Comfort !!!

    Best purchase ever

  37. Rajesh

    very comfortable

    Compared to my previous old mattress, the premium kapok mattress from laya ayurvedic is very comfortable. I used to dread going to sleep on my old mattress, but now look forward to the premium nightly.

  38. David Prabhu

    Dear customer, before purchasing premium mattress we raised a request to send some samples…After two hour they called me and said to buy a sample kit…next day we received the sample kit ..contains few sample cloths …few mattress models…

    Thanks for that..

    it is now over 4 months …till now it is awsome.we have ordered 6 beds for my collegues too.

    it is door delivered in apartments.thanks for the hard courier service

  39. Aananthan

    Best purchase ever

    so comfy !!

  40. Anjeneyan

    Compared to my previous old mattress, the ayurvedic beds is very comfortable. I used to dread going to sleep on my old mattress, but now look forward to the classic nightly.

  41. Solventhan

    5 months before we bought classic mattress it was good and expected bit soft and cool. so we ordered this premium mattress.

    dear customer’s..intially i had doubt about the bamboo cloth..i never heared about it …

    after receiving the mattress i realized bamboo name is knitted in the cloth. second i can see very soft teathering on the soft and cool.

    worth buying

  42. Gerald

    Ayurvedic Bed is is great like cooling part of mattress it perfect temperature. Sleep great on this mattress wake up feeling good. The bed is not to soft and not to hard for me it perfect.

  43. Ananya

    This bed is very comfortable. I would give five stars but it seems all these sides have soft side on them. Seems you could add a firmer to the sides so the bed doesn’t compress so much when sitting on the edge of it.

  44. jos

    After months of trying mattress after mattress, my wife’s wearing that she would never own a bed she had not tried in a store, ShE suggested we order this mattress. She’s been thrilled which, of course, means I am

  45. Dubai Baskar

    Very simple from calling to decide which one, to ordering, delivery and unpacking. Haven’t slept this good in years. No more low back pain

  46. Edward

    We love our new split king! Went up easily and we slept great. No more sopping wet from heat in the morning.

  47. Kristiyana

    Sleeping much better to the premium ayur mattress.and pillows. Definitely worth the money! Only wish that I hadn’t waited this long to try it.

  48. lilly

    The first couple of nights were very uncomfortable. After that I’ve loved the bed. Super comfortable. Best sleep I’ve had in a while!

  49. Karuppanan

    When the mattress came it really does feel ice cold to the touch. It is very comfortable and helps keep me cool at night. It is slightly firmer than I would prefer as a side sleeper but overall it is a very good mattress.

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