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Organic Natural Ayurvedic Pillow [ONAP]

(27 customer reviews)


Kapok Pillow also known as ” Silk Cotton Pillow” or ” ilavam panju Pillow”

Fabric : 100 % GOTS certified Fabric

Fill : 100 % Native Indian pure Kapok

Soft :  Feather soft





Best Organic Natural Pillow

Ayurveda recommends to have a natural organic kapok pillow for day to day use even though you need it or not.

Head Ache / Stress

Kapoks Natural PCT capability observes and transforms heat and negativity around you, so you fall asleep in no time

Neck Pain

Properly designed pillow, soften your neck part and not blocks your blood you sleep without neck aches.

Dream Free Sleep

Ayurveda Says , you really slept well if there is no dream. have a dree free sleep.



Original Organic Kapok From our Own 65 Acre Farm. As it is not Sourced from outside it is 100 % pure and adulteration free. Second thing is all the tree's are Native Grade . None of them are Hybrid. Because they are Native Grade their Biological and Energy Structure is vivid and Medicinal as per Ayurvedic Books.

Best for Back Posture

Based on Ayurveda, Sleep Engineers designed such a power full , Energetic pillow made using natural materials , that ruin your neck ache and stress

Pillow For Side Sleepers

Even it may be right or left side, it gently observes neck side pressure and relaxes your nerves. so that you can enjoy the pressure free sleep.


The Organic Natura Pillow is an all-natural indulgence that perfectly complements our Green Mattress. Our organic pillows are made with a customizable amount of GOTS organic certified kapok tree fiber, generously stuffed inside an organic cotton jersey liner, which is stuffed inside a GOTS organic certified cotton quilted cover. Our Green Pillow sleeps cool, light, and airy. And provides the support and resilience needed for all sleeping positions as the fill effortlessly contours to your neck and head.


All our products are crafted under state of art manufacturing facility. and all are handmade with passion so definitely have personal touch.


With the smoothness of silk and the fluffiness of cotton, GOTS organic certified kapok fiber is an ideal eco-conscious pillow stuffing. It is a softer, lighter, and vegan alternative to down. The fiber has natural, fluffable loft. It's also hypoallergenic, sustainable, biodegradable, non-toxic, and grown pesticide-free.


Our luxurious pillow covers are made with premium, 100% GOTS organic certified cotton — one of the softest, most breathable, and most comfortable fabrics in the world. It’s cool, wicks moisture, and, better still, boasts the most stringent Organic Class 1 Certification.

How to Maintain kapok Pillow

you need to do some frequent maintenance to reap best results from any products,   it is applicable for this pillow too.

Frequently Sun Dry
use very light breathable pillow cover
wash the outter cover regularly
wash the outter cover regularly

For Better Result

From our 4 generation of bedding experience we learned how to reap the better result. here is the tips

Dont Share the pillow
Darken your room as much as possible
have enough space to sleep
let your mobile meditate for a while
Have bath before sleep
Confirm that you finished your Dinner 2 hr before bedding.
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Pillow Size

36"*18", 30"18", 25"*16", 18"*12"

27 reviews for Organic Natural Ayurvedic Pillow [ONAP]

  1. Stephen

    Ordered 6 Standard size pillows and it is quicky delivered . usually kapok pillows outter cover always filled with flowers. but this one came with cotton cloth and attractive

  2. Anumanthan

    Great Pillow
    It is really great pillow.worth buying

  3. Vinodth

    after 6 months of use i am writing this review. it took away my single side head ache (Migraines). i am happy

  4. Sindhu

    Pillow is really awsome

  5. Ayyappan

    initally package came to demaged condition and we returned the product. next day we received the new product. service is really awsome

  6. Malarmathi

    Very soft Pillow

  7. AnandhaKrishnan

    Worth Buying. we have ordered for more pillows after receiving . expected quality

  8. Aananthi

    we have ordered small size and try to reorder big size and not able to . it is good if there is order cancel and order for new size. otherwise it is great product

  9. Kannan

    Great Pillow

  10. Moorthy

    Really Cool Pillow

  11. Roja

    Great bed. Also like the pillows

  12. Subhasri

    Love the bed AND the pillow! Most comfortable ever!

  13. chris P

    Best nights sleep in a LONG time and the pillows are amazing.

  14. sheema

    I sleep so much better now! I have only had my ghost bed for about 2 1/2 weeks but I already love it! I also got the pillows! The pillows are so amazing! I have been searching for a new pillow for about a year and just could never find one tRead more about review stating Awesome Bed!!hat was comparable until now!! I would definitely recommend this bed and also, the pillows!

  15. Nathan

    sleeping on a cloud
    sleeping on my mattress is all i look forward to all day so very comfortable and the pillows perfect. theirs just no word s to tell you how perfect this mattress an pillows are

  16. Amutha

    Getting some good sleep now!

  17. Anu

    I love the bed it soft and cool I go to sleep in minutes and with the pillow it even better matching set right there

  18. NivethanG

    My wife and I love it. The cooling effect is absolutely effective. The pillows are especially nice to use with the cooling tech.

  19. Anand Store

    we are reseller in chennai .we are regularly ordering the pillow. we have huge demand

  20. Valarmathi

    it is so soft. we need some hard type pillows, how to order it?

  21. Sudha Mohan

    Worth the money
    I’m not usually the sort of person who would pay nearly 500 for a pillow – especially when I already have four for my queen size bed. But when I was purchasing my new LayaBeds mattress, I thought about how often I have to adjust my pillows during the night as the filling flattens, with my head either sinking in or sliding off. With the 100 night trial, I figured I could just return it if it didn’t improve the pillow situation. Now my four other pillows get shoved aside each night in favor of my Organic pillow! I tried removing some filling, but added it back when I decided I preferred it stuffed as it came – no need to mess with perfection. It’s soft and cozy, but breathable and so supportive that I only need one. I never need to flip it or fluff it in the middle of the night, and I don’t overheat from sinking into it. It does have a slight smell, as did the mattress when I first got it, but I actually like it – the best description I can come up with is “cottony buttered latex.”

    The only minor trouble I’ve had is with the pillow sizing. I was concerned that LayaBeds standard-size width of 24″ would be too small for my standard 26″ pillowcases, and the 28″ queen pillow would be too large. I asked Laya Beds customer service and they said that my standard pillowcases would fit the queen pillow, so that was what I opted for. Turns out that’s not quite true – out of all my standard-size pillowcases, I only had a couple that happen to fit this pillow (Target’s Fieldcrest brand, in case anyone’s wondering). Most of them are much too small! The pillow protector I bought for it is also too small, despite being labeled as a 28″ width. In retrospect, maybe I should have gotten the standard size instead of the queen, but it seems wasteful to send back the one I have now and recycle what is an otherwise great pillow. So, now my bedding is usually a little mismatched.

    Other than the sizing snafu, I absolutely love my Ayurvedic organic pillow and mattress, and I am happy to support a company that puts so much effort into creating high-quality products that are good to the environment and consumers. I’ve recommended them to coworkers, neighbors, strangers who comment on my well-rested appearance, and now to anyone reading this review.

  22. Rama Krishna

    Pillow came damage
    I got AB pillow and I did not open up until 2 weeks later because I am in the process of moving in to my new place. After I opened it I realized that the pillow was damaged. A part of the pillow was ripped. I tried to find out if there was a way to make a refund or exchange but the website has no options for it. I didnt want to go through the hassle since I’am very busy. The website is not convenient to make refund or exchange as easy as other companies. Its my first time buying it from this company and I heard good reviews about it but getting a brand new pillow for over 1200 and not perfect is very bad.

    • admin

      We are really sorry for that Sir.
      we accept our mistake. we came to know that it is because of govt official raid. we have couriered new package of pillows with amazon gift card.

  23. Anand

    The pillows seem to be with the mattress – not arrived yet. The mattress has not yet been received. The last we know is still in HYD

    • admin

      Sorry to see this. we already verified and it is confirmed that we have couriered it on time.
      usually it not happens. But because of lockdown it is getting delayed due to courier. you are free to contact courier service directly and get clarity.
      But other customer who opted premium shipping got it but it was via DHL.

  24. Santhya

    Bought pillows for a wedding gift. Product was more than a month late. Tried working with customer service on multiple calls and emails. Nothing but broken delivery promises.
    My Order id is : ABPORG0082021

    • admin

      Hi Santhya,
      Really Sorry for inconvenience.
      we came to know that your area is gated community and it is containment. courier service is delaying because of the lock. it was more than 24 days lying near to your areas courier zonal office. we got confirmation from the dest and they assured to deliver once it is open. we have shared you his mobile number for verification.

  25. AnjaliM

    Hi ,4 Months back i ordered this kapok pillow with a queen mattress…to be frank …it is too words…

  26. Anbu

    it is good if it bit firm

  27. Arudhra

    Arudhra from Bangalore,
    initially i was using this kapok pillow in bangalore…i can realize that it is behaves differently when i was using it in hyderabab.. it works with different climate

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