Kapok Pillow

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Kapok Pillow also known as ” Silk Cotton Pillow” or ” ilavam panju Pillow”

Fabric : 100 % GOTS certified Cotton fabric

Fill : 100 % Native Indian pure Kapok

Soft :  Feather soft



kapok pillow, from ancient time traditionally south indian’s most preferred pillow variety.Did you remember you always sleeping with him, he knows all your feeling such as love,pain,happy,sarrow…etc. Pillow is not a another house hold object. it is more than your friend.


selectively handpicked native silk cotton kapok pods from our own farm, are single drum processed. No chemical used in processing and no adulteration entertained.

bed or pillow,Fabric plays important role. if the fabric is non breathable it blocks the kapok’s invisible frequency. so you miss out kapok energy. so we use breathable double layered cotton cloth.

Pillow Fabric


Ayurvedic doctors always suggest to use medium soft pillow. that is stuffed side we carefully stitched and packed the same way per recommendation.

Kapok silk cotton pillow

Suite For

Back & Side Sleep

kapok silk cotton pillows are very best for back & Side sleep postures

Head Ache / Stress

Kapok have a capability to observes the heat and removes negativity,so you fall asleep in no time

Neck Pain

Properly designed pillow,soften your neck part and not blocks your blood you sleep without neck aches.

How to Maintain kapok Pillow

To reap best results from any products,you need to go for frequent maintenance.  it is applicable for this pillow too.


cellulose in kapok fibers depends on sunlight. it gets its life back when you keep it sunlight for a while.

Pillow COVER

Please use thin breathable cotton pillow cover


kapok is highly sensitive. it holds enormous amount of memory and its structure. when you break that you feel distrubed.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Pillow Size

36"*18", 30"18", 25"*16", 18"*12"

20 reviews for Kapok Pillow

  1. Stephen

    Ordered 6 Standard size pillows and it is quicky delivered . usually kapok pillows outter cover always filled with flowers. but this one came with cotton cloth and attractive

  2. Anumanthan

    Great Pillow
    It is really great pillow.worth buying

  3. Vinodth

    after 6 months of use i am writing this review. it took away my single side head ache (Migraines). i am happy

  4. Sindhu

    Pillow is really awsome

  5. Ayyappan

    initally package came to demaged condition and we returned the product. next day we received the new product. service is really awsome

  6. Malarmathi

    Very soft Pillow

  7. AnandhaKrishnan

    Worth Buying. we have ordered for more pillows after receiving . expected quality

  8. Aananthi

    we have ordered small size and try to reorder big size and not able to . it is good if there is order cancel and order for new size. otherwise it is great product

  9. Kannan

    Great Pillow

  10. Moorthy

    Really Cool Pillow

  11. Roja

    Great bed. Also like the pillows

  12. Subhasri

    Love the bed AND the pillow! Most comfortable ever!

  13. chris P

    Best nights sleep in a LONG time and the pillows are amazing.

  14. sheema

    I sleep so much better now! I have only had my ghost bed for about 2 1/2 weeks but I already love it! I also got the pillows! The pillows are so amazing! I have been searching for a new pillow for about a year and just could never find one tRead more about review stating Awesome Bed!!hat was comparable until now!! I would definitely recommend this bed and also, the pillows!

  15. Nathan

    sleeping on a cloud
    sleeping on my mattress is all i look forward to all day so very comfortable and the pillows perfect. theirs just no word s to tell you how perfect this mattress an pillows are

  16. Amutha

    Getting some good sleep now!

  17. Anu

    I love the bed it soft and cool I go to sleep in minutes and with the pillow it even better matching set right there

  18. NivethanG

    My wife and I love it. The cooling effect is absolutely effective. The pillows are especially nice to use with the cooling tech.

  19. Anand Store

    we are reseller in chennai .we are regularly ordering the pillow. we have huge demand

  20. Valarmathi

    it is so soft. we need some hard type pillows, how to order it?

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