CRIYA 2020

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Worlds First Double Layered Kapok Mattress


Perfect sleep dynamic

Removes Body Heat Organic Kapoks Natural PCM tendency completely removes body heat

Sleep Engineered

Designed by Sleep Engineers

For Better you and For Better Bed

How To Maintain

> Let your complete mattress get sunbath for a while frequently

> Use light cotton cloth as bed cover

> Don’t use too many covers to protect the mattress

> Reverse the mattress often for even use

> Don’t use plastic cover on the mattress

> If kids bed put some backing sola and keep it for a while in sun.

How To Care

> Let your mobile be in meditation till morning

> Darken your room as much as possible

> Sleep like a king without space disturbance

> No smoke in bed room

> Let the room better natural air ventilated

>Sleep vertically to magnetic pole directions

> Do yoga before sleep

> Complete dinner 2 hrs. before

> Have a bath before bed

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Please Choose Bed Size

Single, Double, Queen, King

8 reviews for CRIYA 2020

  1. Manar Gad

    No more floor sleeping I think it’s great overall, I’ve always had back pains and have had to sleep on the floor to actually sleep well. I think this mattress gives me the solid stiffness I’ve been looking for in a mattress yet very comfortable. Regular mattress always gave me terrible back pain with how cushy they were.

    Manar Gad / Singapore

  2. Marla Parsons

    King size Bear Foam Med-Firm, great for back issues but firm on other areas
    We ordered the “AB CRIYA ” Mattress in King Size because of its great reviews about taking away pain from common pressure points that are under pressure while sleeping. It is rated as a medium/firm but I would call it a firm. My husband and I both are experiencing painful stiff and aching shoulders (waking up from) during side sleeping and whole arms numb and tingling. However, I will say that my husbands back pain has been relieved/gone from this mattress, but as for all other pressure points like shoulders hips and neck, it seems this is too firm for those. Even while back sleeping I still find that I wake stiff and pressure points and tingling on my upper torso and neck area. But, overall this company has great customer service and not sure if wanting to return this mattress since it has helped my husbands back, they worked with me to help me order their new version or mattress topper at a discounted price. I am hoping the topper adds the plushness we need to reduce the stiffness in joints or pressure points.

    Marla parsons / Australia

  3. Aiden

    Mattress is firm but very comfortable. Definitely an upgrade over an all-spring mattress. Would recommend, especially given the affordability as compared to other foam mattresses.

  4. Diwakar A

    Great for Back Pain
    So far I’ve enjoyed my Ayurvedic Beds CRIYA Mattress. It is very firm while also supporting my back. The pillow I ordered along with it for side sleepers I wished was a bit more supportive. Overall this mattressed has improved my sleep! If you suffer from back pain, I recommend you try out a criya Mattress!

    Diwakar A / CANADA

  5. Anjelika

    Mattress is great and made
    Mattress is great and made in India the freebies that came with, sheets, pillows made using kapok and cotton, pillow is very very soft.
    / Australia

  6. cairo

    i searched a lot for a organic natural mattress in google and found ayurvedic beds…had a call with customer care before made a purchase and very much impressed. i had doubt about overseas delivery. but it was delivered through UPS and it was very great. Great mattress for the price! Fast shipping and east set up. it really fit for the name as from the first look.

    cairo / Jordan

  7. sanzgiri

    Gives support in all the right places. Huge upgrade from traditional spring mattress. However I think I may go for softer with my next mattress purchase. This mattress is still awesome.

    sanzgiri / Australia

  8. Susan M

    Co-sleeping like a dream
    Before my AB mattress and free kapok pillows, i would wake up every morning in pain and exhausted. As a single mom of a very active toddler, i need to be well rested! My research led me to the Ayurvedic Beds CRIYA mattress. And I’m in love. My body feels so relaxed the minute I lay down, and I swear my son wakes up happier too. The queen is roomy enough for us both to get a good night’s sleep full of sweet dreams. Thank you, LayaBeds

    Susan / Bangalore / India

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