AyurvedicBed CLASSIC Kapok Bed – For Natural Healthy Sleep

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Made using Breathable Double Layered Breathable Cotton Fabric.

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Sleeplessness ? body-heat? Or back pain ?

Kapok Roll Mattress is 100 % made up of Kapok (silk Cotton /ilavam panju) which is natural anti allergic traditional mattress stuffing object. Usually ancient kings only have the option to use this kapok (silk cotton )(ilavam panju) sleep on this rare entity,From root’s to pods,every mm is comes with medicinal qualities.but it varies based on the environment, climate conditions of it’s physical,biological properties


AyurvedicBeds Mattresses use only four natural ingredients, is entirely free from chemicals and carefully crafted with softness in mind  to offer the right support from day one.





No chemicals or fire retardant sprays are used in our mattresses, giving you peace of mind that you can sleep in a pure and natural environment.



Our mattresses are breathable and insulating to help regulate your baby’s body temperature.



The cellulose in Kapok naturally absorbs and disperses moisture away, creating a clean, dry environment that’s resistant to dust mites & bacteria growth.Also Leginin in Native Kapok is ANTI-Allergic.

The Core

stuffed using Original Organic Native Kapok

The Design & Stitch

Based on Sleep Dynamics Derived from Sleep Engineering,we have handcrafed this mattress, so you get better Air Ventilation around your Body.

The Fabric

Classic Mattress are made using Double Layered Breathable Cotton Fabric. with that you reap 100 % kapoks dynamic quality.

AyurvedicBeds Kapok classic bed


Introducing Classic Model

Why from us?

4 generation of bedding experience thought us not stop learning and improvement .we modernized the regular kapok Mattress (ilavam panju bed) for the current generation.
  • we source raw kapok from our own farm where we make sure,the handpicked kapoks are rich in cellulose,fructose and leginin.
  • No chemical used in processing
  • Single drum processing is a ancient technique – Where we keep the vividness of the kapok without hard beating beating, breaking the fiber or lengthening the fiber. just churned to remove the seed and stems.
  • we use double layered breathable 100% cotton cloth- so that you reap 100 % medicinal qualities of kapok as well as cotton coolness.
  • we craft mattress with perfectly Engineered Aero-dynamic for better sleep dynamics
  • new type Twisted pair stitches enhances the stitch quality.
  • we use hvvvh Revolutionary stuffing that you get better suspension as well as durability.
  • Revolutionary Breathable Packaging proves us that we think in ayurvedic way
  • QC -5 Levels of Quality Check
  • State of art manufacturing facility

For Best Sleep Experience

  • Let your mobile sleep too
  • Use highgenic bed cover’s always
  • Finsh your dinner 2 hr before bed
  • Try to meditate for some minute before sleep
  • Sleep like a king alone
  • Darken your room as much as possible
  • No smoke in bed room
  • Make sure your room properly ventilated for enough oxygen.

 Kapok Mattress also known as silk cotton Mattress or ilavam panju mattress

luxury level sleep posture To be used in
Entry Any designed-for-home

Watch our classic model.


Care InstructionFor Better Sleep Experience
> Let your complete mattress get sunbath for a while frequently
> Use light cotton cloth as bed cover
> Don’t use too many covers to protect the mattress
> Reverse the mattress often for even use
> Don’t use plastic cover on the mattress
> If kids bed put some backing sola and keep it for a while in sun.
> Let your mobile be in meditation till morning
> Darken your room as much as possible
> Sleep like a king without space disturbance
> No smoke in bed room
> Let the room better natural air ventilated
>Sleep vertically to magnetic pole directions
> Do yoga before sleep
> Complete dinner 2 hrs. before
> Have a bath before bed

Check our faq page for more info

Read more about Kapok here

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61 reviews for AyurvedicBed CLASSIC Kapok Bed – For Natural Healthy Sleep

  1. Jason

    From Ayurvedic Bed, we bought classic mattress and pillows have been better than I could have imagined. I’m actually anxious to go to sleep.

  2. william

    So far so good. I think it will gradually get even better as we adjust to the mattress style.

  3. Murugan

    I purchased the Queen size classic .I love it all so far. I’ve had it almost one month.

    good packing and delivered to door step.
    worth buying

  4. Sonia

    OUTSTANDING!!!We have been using Classic bed with kapok Pillows for over 6 months now and are IN LOVE!!! Need to get these for our kids beds now!!

  5. jeyam.mani

    Love everything about it!
    I purchased my classic bed mattress after a back injury. one of my friend suggested this.It really helped in my recovery. In addition, it maintains a comfortable temperature. I love the pillows too!

  6. Nathanj

    I have had back issues for years, but currently I have had more discomfort. I woke in the morning to more stiffness & pain. After sleeping on the Ayurvedic beds clsic bed after 3 rd night, i am experiencing better sleep & wake up with very zero discomfort.

  7. Rajamani naidu

    Remains cool throughout the night, great mattress.

  8. Puneettiwari


  9. Vignesh

    Great bed, just as advertised and quick shipping.

  10. Lokesh Yadav

    So much relief from back pain and the cooling mattress really works I no longer feel like I am laying in a bed of hot coals. Best mattress ever!

  11. Umair chembakkottu

    It was very scary to buy online mattress and actually gave me anxiety! I looked at every possible bed online which gave me even more anxiety. I don’t know what pushed me towards this one? Maybe a higher power, but I LOVE IT! Not too hard and not too soft! The edges aren’t stiff but that makes absolutely zero difference to me. I am so happy and relieved all at one

  12. nalini mulay

    It’s been the best sleep we have had in a while. It’s not too firm and not too soft, it’s just right like a chocolate milkshake on a summer night

  13. Riyaa varghese

    We purchased a AyurvedicBed Classic Mattress Queen. I did a lot of research before purchasing this mattress because I have lower back problems. Plus my husband and I like different firmness levels in a mattress so I knew I needed to purchase a mattress that met both of our needs. After comparing multiple companies, I liked what I learned about AyurvedicBed -A Comfy & Cooling Sleepfter my research was completed, so I decided on a AyurvedicBed Mattress Queen. We didn’t get to sleep on it right away due to renovations going on in our house but once we did, it was one of my best night’s of sleep I’ve ever had. I can honestly say since I have been sleeping on my mattress, I have not woke up once with any lower back pain. Also, both my husband and myself like the firmness of this mattress. It is not too soft or too firm but just right for the both of us. The biggest perk of owning this mattress is its cooling effect it has. I used to toss and turn due to being overheated on my old mattress but I never experience that with this mattress due to its unique cooling materials it is constructed from. I would highly recommend a AyurvedicBed Mattress to anyone looking for a perfect night’s sleep. Thank you AyurvedicBed
    for creating such a perfect mattress!

  14. Vijeesh

    Sleeping like never before

    Before this bed, I use t wake up every 3 four hours, by body would feel stiff and it wasn’t until I purchased this bed that I realized how bad it was all those years and how amazing it is to sleep through the night!

  15. supriyo

    No more hip pain! Most comfortable mattress we have ever owned. Helps cool at night!

  16. Nisid Das

    The bed is comfortable easy to assemble and was very quick to ship.

  17. Chandrasekhar kota

    Great bed, and the best sleep I’ve had in years

  18. Arandevar

    I really enjoy my AyurvedicBed . But son does not. he loves premium

  19. Kiran

    Every night is a restful night. Every morning I wake up just so excited for the day. Despite the worlds current pandemic

  20. Lawrance

    That said, I don’t have any other experience on a different memory foam mattress, so it may be cooler than others.

    As for the rest of the mattress, I agree with a prior review. It feels like a slab of concrete when i first laid on it, but I feel that I subtly sink in a little during the night. It took me a week or so, but I sleep very well on this mattress.

  21. vignesh

    We have throughly enjoyed this bed for the past couple months now. We didn’t truly realize how amazing this mattress was until we went to a hotel for the weekend and couldn’t wait to get back to our bed.

  22. Harish

    Love my Ayurvedic bed I sleep really well and don’t feel achy in the morning!

  23. Mahdiya

    My husband and I had the same bed he owned when we got married for the last several years. It was very good quality, but much too firm for me. I am a deep side sleeper, on my right side specifically, and even with an additional memory foam topper I was waking with an aching right hip and right shoulder every morning on our old mattress because of Read more about review stating Good balance of support and comfort the pressure points. After some research, we decided to try the AyurvedicBed

    My husband needs a fairly supportive mattress due to some back problems, and I need something softer and more forgiving. The bed seems to do well on both counts. After the first night I was ready to send it back because I had a terrible night’s sleep, but I think it was just not fully expanded yet. In the first month, it seems to have softened up a lot and my hip and shoulder soreness are significantly better. My husband even said he thinks it is helping his back!

  24. Rohith

    The most comfortable bed I have ever been on.

  25. விஸ்வலிங்கம்

    மிகவும் மிருதுவாக உள்ளது .உடம்பு வலி இல்லை …உடம்பு சூடு இல்லை

  26. Shankar Erode

    we had a factory visit before ordering the bed. we thought it was big industry..but it is traditional home factory..workers were doing yoga while we was neat and clean environment.
    we were very statisfied and ordered their itself.

  27. Mani

    This bed is really comfortable, and it arrives quickly. Setup is a breeze.

  28. Devaraj

    I love that this is soft enough for a side sleeper but still offers good support. My old bed wasn’t being kind to my hips and I’m happy to say they dont hurt in the morning anymore.

  29. subramani

    Killer sleep!!!…Super
    Best bed i have ever slept in!!

  30. madhavan


  31. sasagiri

    Great bed. Noticed a difference the first morning, my back wasn’t sore when I got up!

  32. Navaneethan

    So Thankful my son got this bed first.
    We bought one the next wk. Best investment we have made for our Sleep and Health.

  33. Narendar

    I tried 3 different mattresses before giving Ayurvedic bed a try and I’m never going back to anything else. Wonderfully cool, soft but supportive, this mattress is beyond what I thought I was getting.

  34. Surendar

    usually kapok beds are made using polyester mixed or on printed clothes…but this one came with 100 % cotton …too soft and firm…we like the side …it is curvy…not slaggy anywhere

  35. viswanath

    usually kapok beds are rollable and slaggy and makes pitfalls in between..But classic from Ayur Bed is non foldable…bit firm in thickness..but when we lay down…we feel better airflow and susppension.

  36. kowshikan

    Thought it is cotton mattress and rollable. but it is firm and not rollable.

  37. vaibhav

    Before I was sleeping on a Laya Ayurvedic bed I couldn’t handle the bed we had. I’d wake up with an awful back – broken intermittent sleep and just a grouchy disposition. I actually bought this bed at 3am after not being able to sleep. This bed was delivered and I was utterly impressed. I have slept in her bed 9/10 days it has been here and will be buying another one for my own apartment. This bed has made us do more during the day because we’ve both slept better and for the first two days we never left the bed because it was so comfortable. It also responds well

  38. David

    unlike printed flowers it looks professional. and it pleasing the eye. we like it very much

  39. varghese

    we compared with some kapok mattress with nearby stores in kochi kerala..but unfortunate is nothing impressed ..the sides are looking slaggy and comming out from the cot…

    we like the make and worth for buying

  40. Prasanna

    My father asked me to buy a kapok silk cotton mattress in a local store. but i ordered this bed. first two days he was complaining …but what i noticed is he was apraising a lot about this ‘purchase with his friends in the park.

    i made the right choice.

  41. Sekar

    we raised a custom size bed order through live chat..they gave a seperate link to pay and we got the order id immediately and within 3 days it got transmitted.
    1. good packaging
    2. cotton surface…i can feel the thread
    3. super design
    4 . i can feel the cool when touch

  42. Jareed

    I am Jareed from Delhi..working in a IT company chennai. Recently married and when we search about bed one of my friend suggested to go for kapok mattress…i somehow satisfied with ayurvedic beds site and ordered.

    we were very much happy , but we would like some premium we ordered THRIV model.

  43. Yudhish

    The best mattress I’ve ever owned. Always had back pain when getting up on the morning and now that is a thing of the past. Delivery was prompt

  44. Karthik

    seriously the most comfortable and best sleep I’ve had in ages!

  45. vinay

    As it was mentioned it is cotton cloth. and i didnt seen the design so far. initiallyt i thought its difficult. but we got good air flow around the body and slept very well.

  46. muthu

    it was better than I initially though it might be. The support it offers is a nice change. We previously had a way more expensive memory foam mattress that just lost it’s support. Especially on the edge. The edges on this feel nice in this mattress

  47. pon raj

    Great Bed,

    Easy and comfortable

  48. Anand v

    I have always had an issue with being to hot when I sleep. This bed keep me cool all night long….and it very comfortable too. Best sleeps I have in over a decade!

  49. mugdha jagtap

    Love the mattress and I am sleeping better than I have for years. Being able to elevate my feet has greatly reduced a swelling problem. Very happy!

  50. vrushali darne

    I have zero back pain now I love this bed

  51. Arumugam

    So much relief from back pain and the cooling mattress really works I no longer feel like I am laying in a bed of hot coals. Best mattress ever!

  52. joe

    The bed lives up to the hype and I hate getting out of it more than any bed I’ve ever had. I have more energy and accomplish

  53. Angie

    Very comfortable bed!

  54. sindhu

    Soft,firm and cool all at once.

  55. thiru

    we have had some of the best sleep we’ve had in years. Literally do not want to get up out of bed in the morning… That’s a good thing right? For the adults… the border and child protector are awsome. it is unlike with other flat mattress

  56. mathivalan

    30 வருடம் முன் நான் மெத்தை வியாபாரம் விட்டு சென்னை வந்தேன் .இப்போது இந்த மெத்தை ஒரு பதம்.நேர்த்தியான வடிவமைப்பு .தங்கள் வியாபாரம் உயர என் வாழ்த்துக்கள்

  57. Mano

    I am mano from HYD. i am happy with this mattress. and recommending .

  58. Elango

    i am writing this after a weak,
    First week is going well, we had the kadhi mattress previously and we are sleeping though the night better with the classic bed.

  59. suganyasree

    my previous kapok mattress was foldable and there were some pitfals in middle had frequent backpain we ordered classic kapok mattress in laya…it have good firm and better suspension.

  60. pathal

    बहुत अच्छा है। और दूसरे की सिफारिश करना।
    सबसे अच्छी गुणवत्ता लग रहा है

  61. Gowrintharan

    Appreciate your risk !
    i know it is hard to transport to US and had much risk. it was perfectly packed and reached and home delivered to US.

    now we are thinking that instead ,classic we may ordered CRIYA or THRIV..

    look great…and for the first time i am sensing that this bed reacts for the climate.

    i had doubt about it intially.
    but it is awsome.

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