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Sleep on Sweat Free Coolest natural bed in the World,without body heat,back pain and sleeplessness

Cool sleep = super sleep

The new 12” Ayurvedic bed is the only mattress with core & surface cooling tech that will keep you and your mattress cool and comfort all the time.

Watch our founder, Jeeva
walk you through the “Ayurvedic Bed THRIV””
“We built the ayurvedicbed “thriv” with 11 layers. The top layer has special fabric called bamboo fabric which have natural Phase Change capability which is GOTS certified. So as soon as you touch the fabric, it’s instantly cool.”

Watch our founder, Jeeva
walk you through the “Ayurvedic Bed THRIV”

Watch our founder, Jeeva
walk you through the “Ayurvedic Bed THRIV”

“We built the ayurvedicbed “thriv” with 11 layers. The top layer has special fabric called bamboo fabric which have natural Phase Change capability which is GOTS certified. So as soon as you touch the fabric, it’s instantly cool.”

Luxury Level Sleep Posture To Be Used In
Elite Any designed-for-homehotel

Care Instruction For Better Sleep Experience
> Let your complete mattress get sunbath for a while frequently
> Use light cotton cloth as bed cover
> Don’t use too many covers to protect the mattress
> Reverse the mattress often for even use
> Don’t use plastic cover on the mattress
> If kids bed put some backing sola and keep it for a while in sun.
> Let your mobile be in meditation till morning
> Darken your room as much as possible
> Sleep like a king without space disturbance
> No smoke in bed room
> Let the room better natural air ventilated
>Sleep vertically to magnetic pole directions
> Do yoga before sleep
> Complete dinner 2 hrs. before
> Have a bath before bed


Weight N/A

72, 78


48, 60, 72, 78

35 reviews for AyurvedicBeds – THRIV

  1. Albey varghese

    The Ayurvedic Bed Thriv is a perfect blend of firm and soft for those who need support but don’t want overly stiff beds. It sleeps extremely cool and is the most comfortable mattress purchase I’ve ever made. I’m a side sleeper with back problems and have had a much less pain ever since purchasing. Highly recommend.

  2. Abhinaya madhavan

    We gifted to my daughter’s marriage in kottayam,kerala via online it arrived 4 th day with the very different packaging materials.And came with easy to carry rope. And her sister in law also ordered after seeing this mattress. when i asked about the bed – she said it is soft in middle and firm in top and bottom.

    she likes the premium look and comfort.

  3. swapna majumder

    We ordered this Thriv mattress while we were in bangalore furniture show. we get good natural feel, good comfort,good luxury look. my husband was struggling with backpain ,she feels better now. when compare with other ortho mattress it is coir / rubber / latex free. so feeling more healthy when compare with old one

  4. Prabhath Nigam

    Great Mattress,
    I was looking for a new mattress, and I was thinking about getting a wakefit bed, but after reading some reviews and the overall warranty on the AyurvedicBed is far more superb, I decided to go with the AyurvedicBed . I am a warm sleeper, and the cooling fabric on top keeps me nice and comfortable!! Highly recommend to everyone!

  5. Kishlay sharad


    The mattress is comfortable and there is no more side pain. I am a side a stomach sleeper, which I can comfortably do with this mattress; however, I would like it to be firmer than it is. The colling is unnoticeable so far, may be due to hyderabad climate but I will update it as I use it more. I have had this bed for over a week now.

  6. Sandhu Pallavi

    My husband and I had been talking about upgrading from a queen to a king for a year or so now. We both sleep very warm and could not justify spending the extra thousands of Rupees most other brands with cooling mattresses would charge us. Enter AyurvedicBed. We were so happy with the ease of shopping, shipping and setting up when it came to purchasing Luxury without the pricetag our AyurvedicBed. We have no regrets and best part

  7. Varadharaja Bhattar

    Best Mattress EVER!
    My husband has been having trouble sleeping the past few years. We did a lot of research because he gets really hot at night and found Ayurvedic Bed .I have to admit, I was skeptical and hung up on the price. After reading tons of reviews we decided to purchase! Since getting this bed, he has not had any trouble with being hot at night and it has Read more about review stating Best Mattress EVER!done wonders for his back! I found myself getting a much deeper sleep at night and waking up to feel more refreshed. It was worth every penny and then some!

  8. Puneettiwari

    I Love it,

    This isn’t the first Ayurvedic bed I’ve purchased. I bought an original king size from laya beds site a few years ago and absolutely loved it. I decided I wanted to try the Ayurvedic Tripple layer since I sleep hot.. with a mattress protector on it, it doesn’t work as well but without it, I stay cooler all night.. and the mattress is so comfortable! I tell everyone who is looking for a new mattress to try a Ayurvedicbed.

  9. Pacchu Acharya

    So good its scary
    Replaced our old TemperPedic with this new Thriv, and i cant say enough good things about it. only down side is heavy to carry to put it in sunlight for maintenance. you guys rock!

  10. Nalini Mulay

    My husband and I have slept on the same bed for more than 10 years. We decided it was time to get a new bed and we were directed to Laya Beds! We’ve had it for a month and love it! I sleep so much better and I love being able to adjust the head and feet portion to accommodate our needs!

  11. Annanthan

    Remains cool throughout the night, great mattress.

    Best for chennai

  12. shashi rangappa

    I have never had such an amazing night’s rest! No more back pain, no more tossing and turning. I absolutely 100% recommend.

  13. vijeesh thayyil

    So far so good after two weeks. Much more comfortable than our old inner spring but it does take some adjustment time.

  14. sanjiv sarma

    Great bed for the price

  15. suresh ambrose

    Having a low back injury I don’t sleep that great. I’m now falling asleep faster and toss, turn a lot less.

  16. nalini mulay

    Few weeks in

    I have had this bed for a few weeks and when I do fall asleep seems to be better sleep.

  17. rajesh sanamoo

    This is the best mattress I have ever slept on! Made to fit any kind of sleeper, and I am so happy with it! Will definitely recommend to friends!

  18. Toby

    Hi this is toby,
    i usually travel a lot. and most of the time suffer with back pain
    I suffer from lower back pain. The mattress I had before just wasn’t cutting it. The mattress is amazing. Even for a fat guy.

  19. Manav Sabharwal

    Dear Ayurvedic Beds and customers,

    The bed arrived a few days later after my order. Unpacked it and let it air out some on my bed frame. It was a little firmer than I wanted it to be but after breaking it in it’s worth every penny. I’ve slept great on it every night since I bought it.

  20. Ravi Ingale

    No Back pain and No shoulder pain

    I was skeptical at first but after sleeping on this bed for a month, it is definitely the best purchase I’ve ever made. The first night I had it I was already impressed. I would recommend this bed to anyone!

  21. Prabhath nigam

    So glad they are online and ship fast.
    . Enjoying the perfect balance of firmness and support this mattress gives.

  22. Sara V.

    A little more firm than I expected or wanted. Close enough I’m not going to bother fighting the return process, but not up to the high bar I’d expected.

  23. chandni pokarna

    Hi this is Chandi, from Noida,

    This is an amazing mattress. I noticed the difference in the first night. I am so glad I made the switch from big box store mattresses to the Laya Ayurvedic Mattress

  24. vivek pandey

    Love the edge support!

  25. simmy ponnnambath

    Was having horrible hip pain on my old 7 inch foam mattress and decided to take the leap and get Thriv model from Ayurveedic Bed. This bed (only 2 months in) is the TRUTH. No hip pain, great sleep. The bed doesn’t measure out to 12 inches as advertised but it’s pretty close. So far I’m happy with the purchase. If you’re looking for a good natural or traditional mattress. this is the best choice now

  26. ravi manhas

    This bed has been incredible since the first night I unpacked it. Absolutely worth the money spent!

  27. sathish

    Loving the bed after 2 weeks. Sleeps sooooooo comfortable!!! Great mattress!!

  28. Nita oak

    Wow Would Have Never Believed We Would Be So Happy

    We purchased the ayur…thriv model bed on july 18,2019 As stated on website that shipping was quick, we received notice our product shipped on july 20,2019.Well if it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen to us. Due to a shipping error we only received the mattress. I sent an email immediately to customer service which they Read more about review stating Wow Would Have Never Believed We Would Be So Happyresponded to on the next day I believe. Again they spoke the truth and for my inconvenience the would ship me two pillows at no charge. I received everything and was happy once again. Unfortunately the base was discovered to be damaged in shipment . I believed that Gati express was to blame for that. Once again another email to let customer service knowI needed a new base since the first one was damaged. The replacement base arrived Aug 2,2019, I have a bad back so I was is very much fast need and assembled in cot with help of my son.
    Believe the website, two people are needed to assemble the bed. mattress was bit heavy to handle. Laya beds also compensated us with a mattress cover for our troubles and the extra delay.

    So now for the rest of the story………………….
    Aug3 is the first night we get to use our new bed. We wake up on the morning of the Aug 4 smiling at each other. That doesn’t happen after 45 yrs of marriage.Ok we have 48 nights to go to decide whether we like it or not. . I’m writing this going into our 25th night ,and there is no way in h@#l i’m returning anything. We love this bed, never slept better. Remember I’m the guy with a bad back. The kapok pillows are the answer to the best pillow ever made. The wife and I actually decided we will buy these as gifts for our sons and their wives. Sorry grandkids grow up, on second thought don’t. The zero gravity setting is our favorite for sleeping.

  29. mahesh gowda

    THRIV Mattress

    Great mattress!! Love it!!

  30. pranesh chalmi

    This is pranesh chalmi from Bangalore,
    Awsome Expereince,

    Best sleep I’ve gotten. Hotel beds have nothing on my natural mattress.i love it so much.

  31. Swarna kiran

    Really well made,

    We’ve had the bed only a few weeks but was very happy how quickly everything arrived. It was very easy to set up and we’re enjoying the new luxury of having our head rise with the push of a button.

  32. anil felix

    Anil felix from Canada,

    It took 21 days to arrive here via DHL. package was too good and door delivered.

    i am not able to find more than 11″ natural mattress other than latex . as it is made out of rubber my wife neglected we prefered this one.

    it is really awsome. and asked my friends to see this…they all say wow…

    i am happy that.
    next time i would like to buy SATHANA model. it seems different concept bed.

  33. periya swamy

    This bed just feels like a good, traditional bed, but the top layer is so noticeably comfortable and different. It doesn’t “hug” you the way other memory foam style mattresses do — even hybrids.ordered layas roll mattress (rajai) made out of kapok . now it is more flexible,soft and became washable too.. Loving this so far.

  34. sanjai mahapatri

    Not too soft, not too firm, just right
    After experiencing low back and shoulder pain, I checked back and found that our mattress was 20 years old! Time does pass quickly! I researched many types of mattress then decided to try the AyurvedicBeds.My husband was skeptical about buying a mattress by mail but with the trial period, he agreed. Now he loves this mattress and I do too.It really iRead more about review stating Not too soft, not too firm, just rights just right. Not soft, not firm/hard. Support without being hard and soft without being mushy. Great purchase for us.

  35. anjaneyulu gandikotak

    we don’t wake up anymore with back or hip pain..sleep great would recommend it’s firm and yet comfortable …

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