AYURPEDIC Organic Natural KAPOK Mattress

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Organic Natural Kapok Fiber



Mattress core Kapok also known as silk cotton / ilavma panju , Passionately Cultivated by our farmer in our own organic natural farm. As it is not sourced from outside, you can 100 % trust its purity. Unlike usual, it is native grade . It has rich fiber and medicinal qualities. It is processed in our own factory without any chemicals and powered Engines.

Breathable Fiber
Water Resistant
Natural Temperature Regulator
Highly Buoyant

Organic Mattress Fabric

As per sleep science, mattress cloths must be natural, Breathable, Chemical free, and Pleasant. Mattress fabric plays big role when designing a mattress.

we use 100 % organic GOTS Certified, hand wooven Mattress Fabric without any chemical means.



Sleep Science Derived certain Principles for Sleep Engineering such as Sleep Dynamics, Bed Geometry and Materials. we have come with the proper Organic Natural Materials to make perfect Dynamics and Geometry that makes perfect sleeping.

Properly Engineered Product, reap the expected result. Where in you can expect Better Sleep by nullyfying Body Heat and Back Ache



Unlike Foam / Latex, Kapok Fiber is Leight weight, strong, buoyant ,Breathable and Resilient in nature. so it adjust with the pressure shape automatically in no time. So that it is obvious you have pleasant pain free sleep.


A good night’s sleep is important for our health. That is why we believe that finding the right sleeping product is important to maximize comfort and well-being throughout the night. AYURPEDIC is cool, temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking which gives you a comfortable sleep that is both nice temperate and dry. A perfect match for those who have problems with hot nights and therefore needs a breathable underlay that allow you to get rid of excess heat. Also, a AYURPEDIC mattress is both vegan, organic and Antiallergic. Also, the mattress fabric is double layered, dust mites cannot penetrate.

AYURPEDIC mattress is medium firm, as recommended by ayurvedic doctors even for small children and kids. Complete your organic, vegan and anti-allergenic sleeping environment with our fantastic Organic Natural pillow.

For Good Sleep

Complete your breakfast 2 hour before sleep
Take bath before sleep
Darken your room
Lets meditate your mobile phone

Care Instruction

Keep bed in sunlight for a while frequently
Use Breathable Mattress Cover
Turn and swift the mattress for even use
Dont Eat / Drink / Jump On the mattress
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

72, 75, 78, 84


48, 60, 66, 72, 78, 84


6, 7.5, 10

26 reviews for AYURPEDIC Organic Natural KAPOK Mattress

  1. Rohith

    I finally found a mattress that doesn’t make my hips hurt. I actually sleep through the night again.

  2. Avinash


  3. Jivitha

    I wasn’t 100% sure about the brand so I rolled the dice. The bed is amazing and I’ve been sleeping great.

  4. anahit isdamadyan

    I purchased my Ayurvedicbed Classicd based on the review of mattresses in Consumer Reports. I was so impressed with Ayurvedicbeds Customer Service after a small glitch with delivery. They were very friendly, knowledgeable and understanding and the issue was resolved immediately with a call back to reassure me of my new delivery date. I had my new mattress after raising the order within 4 days. The mattress is as advertised: cool with great support, but still relieves pressure points. It fit perfectly on my current bed frame. The only note I have is that my deep pocket bottom sheets are not enough to “tuck-in” all around the mattress. I like a tight-fitting bottom sheet, so I am looking for extra deep pocket sheets.

  5. Pranay kammde

    This is one side of a split king and is both very comfortable and cool. Have not yet used it in our hot hot summers, hoping it keeps me cool when the temp in the house is set at 75. It was good the we could order different beds for each side. The price was much better than retail other Hybrid mattress.

  6. Suchi Dee

    We are still in the trial period and enjoying the comfort.

  7. Prajakta

    This is hands down the most comfortable bed mattress without frame I have ever bought! We were skeptical at first to have 2 separate beds (individual adjustable xl twins) pushed together but what a marriage saver it has proven to be! We cannot feel the other person moving/adjusting which is amazing! The features with the organic cover base are a wonderful bonus too. I am no longer sweating to death at night because my mattress is so amazing and ‘tailored’ to me!

  8. Bupesh

    Very comfortable and supportive bed in any sleeping position. Also when I get to bed several hours after my wife she no longer wakes up to the mattres movement because there is none.

  9. Suchi Dee

    When I work overnights when I come home in the morning I feel like I’m sleeping on clouds I feel so well
    Rested this bed was definitely worth buying I’m so happy with the purchase and I would recommend to anyone looking for a comfortable bed I love the sheets how they fit the bed to and the pillows are extremely comfortable with my disk problem

  10. Norman Leon

    This bed is so comfortable! I sleep all night and wake up with no backache like I used to! Highly recommend this bed!

  11. Kenny oaks

    My son got a classci bed from ayurvedicbeds and just loved it. He told me that it stayed cold, for me that was very important. I ordered mine and within a week it showed up, soooo comfy and cool.

    Kenny Oaks

  12. Sambath

    Never had a kapok mattress before, so it took awhile to adjust, but really like the new mattress! Still getting used to the sides being very soft when sitting at the edge, unlike a conventional mattress with a steel spring sides.

  13. jagarlamudi

    We love our classic kapok bed. It helps me be in less pain with my back pain and body heat.

  14. Amith

    This is Amith from Hyderabad, ordered classic mattress long time back and writing this review after 1.5 years. at that time they delivered through professional courier and they are very much rude and they asked me to pick from a point as it was huge in size. i was fedup. and after many followup it was then picked by other courier service and delivered to my home..more than 10 days delay….not able to blame laya beds…but surprised that how they have this nonsense delivery partner. i thought bed is also like that…but it was my bad thought…it really works well,..i am ordering one more for my kid…Let us see how it is now

  15. Ramya

    First mattress I’ve ever purchased for myself, and I can’t see myself purchasing a different brand ever.

    Ramya , Chennai

  16. emmanuel

    No Mattress Toppers or Additional Support Needed
    I have been very happy with my Ayurvedic mattress classic Mattress purchase. Originally I put a mattress topper on top of my classic Mattress but the actual Mattress is so much more comfortable without it! It is definitely a high quality mattress and others have complimented its firm yet also soft structure.


  17. Matthew.M

    If you need a firm mattress this is for you As the title says, if you need a firm mattress this is for you. I am a stomach sleeper and runner and was hoping it would work for me. Unfortunately this bed was too firm and after 40 days I could take the back pain any longer. It did stay cool which was nice. Definitely a good bed for someone who needs it on the firmer side.
    Matthew M

  18. Thomaskutty

    bangalore / Karnataka

  19. Prithwi

    Love it
    My husband an I were in desperate need of a new bed! We love this bed and the set up was so easy! The only reason I didn’t give a 5 star review is because the center been in the foundation arrived torn. The structure was fine and we are able to use it but the fabric was torn on it when we got it.


    Prithwi / Bangalore

  20. sujith

    I think I’ve had the mattress for about over a month.
    It’s definitely a great mattress for the price. Better than any spring mattress for that price.

    I switched to the ayurvedic Beds kapok mattress from a pretty expensive luxury spring mattress so it’s unfair to compare the two.
    For context, I weigh about 180.

    Also I’ve shared the Amazing classic Matteesse bed with my partner for a few weeks and it’s still just as comfortable.

    I switched to the classic model of AB mattress because I’m building a latex bed and lighter foam mattresses are best for murphybeds. So the options are pretty limited for Murphybeds.

    I chose this one because of all the ratings I read about. It is good, and lives up to what individuals have stated. I do think it’s a solid 4.1-4.2.

    I don’t think it’s difficult to move around on as people state with foam mattresses. But it does hold a little more heat than a spring mattress, not a lot.

    I would buy this mattress again
    sujith / Kerala

  21. Rahul kawlee

    Great service and quality
    This is a great bed! It is just a little too soft for my tastes, but it has a great coolness level and seems to be well made. I did return my mattress and the process has been super easy and smooth. Very impressed with this company and would still recommend for those that prefer a softer firm.

    Rahul kawlee / Bangalore

  22. shah

    So far so good.I’m a Thai boxer and needed to take my recovery more seriously, plus I never slept well. Numerous toppers in the past didn’t do it for me and this one was significantly cheaper than the latex mattress I was also considering. Can’t say I magically wake up feeling rejuvenated, but it’s definitely a step up in comfort.


  23. carla jodan

    Great for side sleepersI have bad lower back pain and my older bed was not giving me the support in needed. The existing memory foam mattress I had was losing support and causing me more body aches. When I received my new AB Classic mattress, the first night I noticed immediate comfort and support. 45 days in and I am still getting great sleep and my back pain has lessen substantially. I would definitely recommend this mattress to others

    carla jodan
    Kochin /

  24. Bupesh

    Best decision made
    I’m a firm mattress sleeper and this is an awesome choice! I’m very happy with my decision! I now wake up with NO MORE BACK PAIN!! This bed is well worth my investment.

  25. Avinash

    very comfy wish could get
    very comfy wish could get a little less firm but all in all happy

  26. Anahit Isdamadyan

    100% Satisfied
    Have had the Ayurvedicbed Queen for about a month now! It was so easy to set up, now it looks great and we get great sleep on this mattress that’s supports both my wife and I very well! Personally I am looking forward to many more wonderful nights of health promoting rest on this awesome mattress! As well as mattress I have the shredded foam pillows, and I love them just as much as the mattress. This purchase was such a great decision for my wife and I, we are both very pleased with the comfort of this bed!

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