AYURPEDIC Organic Natural KAPOK Mattress (US)

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Organic Natural Kapok Fiber



Mattress core Kapok also known as silk cotton / ilavma panju , Passionately Cultivated by our farmer in our own organic natural farm. As it is not sourced from outside, you can 100 % trust its purity. Unlike usual, it is native grade . It has rich fiber and medicinal qualities. It is processed in our own factory without any chemicals and powered Engines.

Breathable Fiber
Water Resistant
Natural Temperature Regulator
Highly Buoyant

Organic Mattress Fabric

As per sleep science, mattress cloths must be natural, Breathable, Chemical free, and Pleasant. Mattress fabric plays big role when designing a mattress.

we use 100 % organic GOTS Certified, hand wooven Mattress Fabric without any chemical means.



Sleep Science Derived certain Principles for Sleep Engineering such as Sleep Dynamics, Bed Geometry and Materials. we have come with the proper Organic Natural Materials to make perfect Dynamics and Geometry that makes perfect sleeping.

Properly Engineered Product, reap the expected result. Where in you can expect Better Sleep by nullyfying Body Heat and Back Ache



Unlike Foam / Latex, Kapok Fiber is Leight weight, strong, buoyant ,Breathable and Resilient in nature. so it adjust with the pressure shape automatically in no time. So that it is obvious you have pleasant pain free sleep.


A good night’s sleep is important for our health. That is why we believe that finding the right sleeping product is important to maximize comfort and well-being throughout the night. AYURPEDIC is cool, temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking which gives you a comfortable sleep that is both nice temperate and dry. A perfect match for those who have problems with hot nights and therefore needs a breathable underlay that allow you to get rid of excess heat. Also, a AYURPEDIC mattress is both vegan, organic and Antiallergic. Also, the mattress fabric is double layered, dust mites cannot penetrate.

AYURPEDIC mattress is medium firm, as recommended by ayurvedic doctors even for small children and kids. Complete your organic, vegan and anti-allergenic sleeping environment with our fantastic Organic Natural pillow.

For Good Sleep

Complete your breakfast 2 hour before sleep
Take bath before sleep
Darken your room
Lets meditate your mobile phone

Care Instruction

Keep bed in sunlight for a while frequently
Use Breathable Mattress Cover
Turn and swift the mattress for even use
Dont Eat / Drink / Jump On the mattress
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Please Choose Mattress Size

TWIN 75×38, FULL 75×54, Queen 80×60, King 80×76, Cal.King 84×72

Please Choose Thickness

6", 7.4", 9", 10.4"

49 reviews for AYURPEDIC Organic Natural KAPOK Mattress (US)

  1. Meg A

    Soft bed
    Buy this bed. It’s soft and comfy.

  2. Zachary S

    Great mattress so far.
    We got the bed a couple of weeks ago and both my husband and I love it. I have arthritis in my spine and hips and have awakened pain free since getting the bed. The medium firm is good for us both ( Ofcourse we requested it for custom).

  3. Samuel D

    An absolute knockout
    we have nearly spend more than 45 days to search right kind of organic mattress without Latex / Foam. and found this in online.
    To start, the shipping was insanely fast. It did take a while for my order to be processed, but once it was, it took only a few days for my Ayurpedic to be at my door. I was so excited to unbox it, and started using it immediately to experience the organic mattress.

    My initial impressions were good, but I was still doubtful as it was firmer than I was used to. But after 2 months of sleeping on it every night I can confidently say that this is the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on, and I am no stranger to memory foam mattresses!

    The Ayurpedic is almost dangerous for me because if I lie down on it during the day, I’m out COLD in 5 minutes.

    My back pain has virtually disappeared, I sleep hard every night, and even my pets like the bed.

    Not only is the bed good, but the LayaBeds team has been friendly, communicative, and they’ve cleared up any issues I’ve had with shipping other items and the website. It’s been an awesome experience buying from this company and I will gladly be a returning customer.

    10/10 would recommend this bed for anyone with back pain or anyone who wants to sleep like a log.

  4. Loretta

    Queen, Ayurpedic
    My Queen Ayurpedic arrived in a week time. It was easy to remove from the package and place on my platform bedframe. It took a few days to adjust to the new feel but as a chronic side-sleeper I can now say that I am able to fall asleep on my back now as well. JOY!


    What a surprise!
    Light to move around, but very soft and exceptionally comfortable.

  6. Felicia R.

    Nice bed
    Verry confortable and good for back sleeper

  7. Ashley

    Perfect Bed
    I had never heard of Ayurvedic Bed before. But I saw they had a 4th of May sale and started to do my research. Reviews on many websites were very good. So between the reviews and the price I bought the Ayurpedic Bed king size without ever lying on one. And we are so happy with the purchase. Also the person on the chat was very helpful as we had some questions. Great bed for a great price. You will not regret this purchase

  8. Hillary B

    Great bed crappy service
    The bed is great but the customer service sucks. They delayed my order forgot to ship and the customer service seems not to care and does nothing to help out. They need better customer service.

    • admin

      Hi Hillary,
      Really Sorry for the experience.
      checked and found that you have ordered during Covid Lockdown in India. As there were no Outbound service and No Office function. it was getting Delayed. we have intimated though mail. But from your comment we learned that we need confimration from customer too. So we have implemented ITIL System to update the customer points. So we assure that it will not happen again.

      To help even on lockdown, we have enabled 24/7 chat service with representatives .
      Thanks for highlighting .

  9. Sariah


  10. James F

    Long time because of body heat i sufered with different issues.
    one of my friend recommended to go for ayurvedic massage. their i came to know about
    ayurvedic bed. i ordered it online , within 3 days i realized the difference.

    thanks for ayurveda

  11. Rhona M

    Really nice

  12. Aaron

    First of all thanks to TNT for proper delivery…and thanks for layabeds for best product

  13. Rosa G

    initially we were worried about how they ship a king size bed properly.
    but it came in proper package…it is very simple to assemble on bed.
    very much soft…weight is also very very less compare with my sons foam bed

  14. Ashley K

    Good to Purchase

  15. Lisa L

    Feeling amazed with the softness

  16. Laurie J

    Luxury white Organic Natural bed…i like that….

  17. Tamara F

    we recently bought this ayurpedic ….nowdays my son sleeping withus..
    he like the bed..but i like to sleep with him….
    thanks for that

  18. David P

    worth for money

  19. Jeffrey A

    It is irritating…Chat response is too Slow….i dont know..
    it is because of my network or from customer support..

    • admin

      Hi Jeffrey,

      unfortunately, Chat volume is too high today. Unexpectedly ….
      we have shared you a Catalog. Please Let us know if you want customization or Doubt ?

      Sam -CCS – Laya Beds

  20. Tanya

    i am getting peaceful mind..nowadays

  21. Anna F

    i had doubt about the firmness…it is not too firm…not too soft…
    even my father in law easily get adapted for this new bed

  22. Jeannette M

    i worried about hybrid bed…i bought classic without foam and latex…it is too good
    i can feel the cool

  23. David F

    i am a Engineer …First time i would like to check Sleep Enginered product
    usally i get sleep distrubance on my mem.foam bed… thought it is likely
    but after sleeping on a single day…..i thown my old mem.foam bed

  24. Kelly D

    we were using Costly Latex Bed after lot of reviews….but it is useless… we were suffered a lot with sleep disturbance….not able to sleep in single posture for longer time.

    so layabeds recommended to go for ayurpedic or CRIYA…we ordered ayurpedic .
    – package is good – delivery is good – product is good

  25. Justin CA

    I though this review really help others to decide to buy without hesitate
    my grandma is 85 now…she wanted a Native kapok bed…searched a lot locally in US…
    where i go i took sample pillow….she simply smells and say no…

  26. Patricia

    it is good..

  27. Simon Samaniego

    This mattress is very comfortable and easy to setup. We received it in a timely fashion. Would recommend to others

  28. Brenda N

    Perfect bed

  29. Sam F

    we were using ha$$$$ bed…and it started smelling…
    animal hair smell…we asked for animal product free bed…they recommended to go for AYURPEDIC
    it is awsome…no smell….too soft…too bouncy
    look is also luxury and royal

  30. Maryse P

    your search ends here…i wish you

  31. James O

    i tried ayurpedic for a week…can i ask this….if you send us few numbers i can market it..
    it is good…let others also get the natural product….
    whom do i have to contact

  32. Tanja

    it is bumpy…cool

  33. Marc W

    Bed highly recommended
    The classic cal king bed get five stars. We are very happy with our bed. It gives us the support and comfort we both want for a good nights sleep. I am 6’ 5” and 250 plus lbs and find it very comfortable for sleeping. I am mostly a side and back sleeper. We have been sleeping on it for 3 weeks and are very pleased. The four stars are given only to bring to everyone’s attention the order process is restrictive. Do not make any mistakes, like quantity 2 instead of 1 mistakenly put in by me. Even if reported minutes after entering, it can not be changed and a restocking fee will apply if returned. If you make no mistakes on your order, you should be very happy with the bed and products.

  34. Lisa B

    i can feel the PCM. it is too cool outside but the bed is warm enough…and somedays back outside is too hot
    but the bed is cool…magically changing …wow

  35. Tara B

    my kid is loving it so much

  36. Daniel G

    i am Daniel, writing this after year of usage. it still looks new.
    very much comfort soft and i can feel its immunity

  37. william K

    Real Review.
    One of my friend told me , that import take longer, people cheat, high custom charge….
    i got very much impressed by WHY US page…and took a risk…
    after receiving the product immediately called my friend for unbox…he was very much surprised and
    from their itself he ordered king size bed.

  38. Aprila H

    worst customer support – i tried the hole day..no phone answer..no mail….
    thinking to cancel the order if there is no response tomorrow

    • admin

      ———- Hi Mam….Sorry…we are off on sunday….Please Dont cancel the order because of that…we will try to deliver it quickly
      if you still dont like it…we will refund as per policy. Is the Deal ok ?

  39. Janis G

    LayaBeds.Try FedEx instead DHL…it is cheap and Best

  40. Lisa O

    Is there is any way you can help us to dispose my old bed ?

    my kid is allergic in nature…but after speaking with customer support we thought to give a try
    i am saying it is it is fully allergy free….it is safe to kids

  41. Aprila J

    NO SMS…other than everything is too good…

    • admin

      —- Lal (Customer Support) – It is perfectly working with Indian customer..but some issues in US carriers…we are working on that
      Is there is any problem in Email Transaction or Chat support

  42. Adrian J

    many times i bought imported materials and concerned about custom charge…but actually it is not .
    you can trust the quality …i am 100 % sure it is natural and organic

  43. Charles G

    my father was military retired..he usually sleep on sofas…
    one day he was not felt well and thier was a party in hall…he used my bed for that day…
    He asked to order same bed immediately…this is the second bed..i am ordering it works..you can believe the quality

  44. Althea C

    originally natural….smell is too good…after long time i can smell the natural
    no foam or rubber smell like foam / latex bed

  45. Clayton S

    i thought it takes long time to deliver From US to India. But we received it within a week time
    delivery is good

  46. Joseph P


  47. Lauren W

    I love this bed
    I finally needed a new bed and decided on this one and it was the best decision I love how comfortable it is and my son loves his as well

  48. Jared

    Good purchase
    Bed is comfy and affordable. Happy with purchase.

  49. Sharon D

    I have really enjoyed this classic ,

    It’s bees so nice

    Very comfortable

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