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bed supported like never before

The new 11” Ayurvedicbed – CRIYA combines the sturdy support of reinforced individually wrapped kapok layers with the plush comfort of Kapok + Artic-Nunavut+Pampas + Stepha.

3 horizontal zones+9 vertical layers

Quilted, Cooling Mattress Fabric
 — Instantly cool to the touch, our deliciously plush cooling cover is soft, supple and gently soothing

Cooling Fiber — Woven directly into the cover is 1” of immediate cool burst airflow technology fiber.

3 Zones : head +center+leg

Vertical layers

Double mattress is the blend of beauty and functionality – and a must for your bed. Made of the best material, she provides you with just the right firmness and comfort to ensure you have a good night’s sleep and wake up the next day all charged up.on. 


Watch the founder walk through the AyurvedicBed – Criya Model



Sleep Posture Luxury Level Can be Used in
Any Mid-Luxury designed-for-homehotel

Care Instruction For Better Sleep Experience
> Let your complete mattress get sunbath for a while frequently
> Use light cotton cloth as bed cover
> Don’t use too many covers to protect the mattress
> Reverse the mattress often for even use
> Don’t use plastic cover on the mattress
> If kids bed put some backing sola and keep it for a while in sun.
> Let your mobile be in meditation till morning
> Darken your room as much as possible
> Sleep like a king without space disturbance
> No smoke in bed room
> Let the room better natural air ventilated
>Sleep vertically to magnetic pole directions
> Do yoga before sleep
> Complete dinner 2 hrs. before
> Have a bath before bed

Weight N/A

72, 78


48, 60, 72, 78

34 reviews for AyurvedicBeds – CRIYA

  1. Ravi pulagouni

    this is the first pillow top natural mattress i have ever found in bangalore.usually it was rubber materials such as latex / foam… but it is kapok…really cool…feeling better airflow around body.

    i really love it

  2. tharun

    i was requested custom size and non white mattress fabric though chat , and they whatsapp few cloth samples i choosed the red one. it is really changing the temprature based on the climate…awsome product…

    recommending for bangalore climate

  3. amit bapon

    This is the first time i am trying this ayurvedic products.. first month i gave the review through phone…this time jeeva requested to write a review..i like his approach…we have 4 bed rooms and have different brand bed’s.after two month use it is really really good.
    i have searched many beds in around delhi…none satisfied…but this one …wow

  4. Mondal Ghosh

    we have ordered this bed after seeing the model in bangalore furniture expo. the way we answered is smart and the way they love the product made us to buy the bed.

    now my sister and her son always reserving the bed and not allowing me to sleep…
    after few fight we are getting chance..that much cool and comfort

  5. Sreejith Pazhayoor

    Bought this for our guest room (My Wife when I snore) and she absolutely loves it because it is cool to sleep in and she said she sleeps deeper and feels refreshed the next day. I guess it’s time to get a sleep study done! I miss her!

  6. Chaithanya Abraham

    This mattress is so awesome! Love the cooling of it! My husband is a hot sleeper and works perfect for him!

  7. Basanagouda

    Absolute best bed I have ever owned!!
    Super pleased! Best nights sleep ever.

  8. Sreejith Pazhayoor

    Great so far.

    we Have ordered this king size bed where in mattress expo with some other brand.

    But this is really works

    Giving it 4 out of 5 stars due to not having the mattress for very long. So far the bed is great. Great soft feel yet firm in the right places.

  9. Pacchu Acharya

    Very comfortable, fast shipping

    Bought a king size CRIYA after hearing about Ayurvedic bed on facebook and did some research about it and concluded to buy . We are not disappointed!

  10. Siddartha Attaluri

    Expected like Hotel bed
    But it is handmade and soft, need some roll or top to get protect from the kid wet !!!
    it is good if it is water resistant

  11. Rahul Patole

    myself from electronic city ,bangalore. ordered through online after lengthy chat and discussion.
    while we handling some strich got broken and raised a request. service engineer came after 3 days (he said all the way he came from erode).

    it is better if they have local service center.
    otherwise it is good

  12. Manoranjan Mishra

    It is best natural alternative bed for foam /latex.

    we ordered while we are chennai .it is extremely good in that climate. after 6 months we moved to Blre. it works best in this climate too.

    recommending to buy !!!

  13. Tushar Janarsan

    Till now it is better in RAIPUR – chhattisgarh climate.

    worth for money. feeling no body pain and body ache like before.

  14. Venkatesh

    This is venkatesh from visak.

    we made a good decision,we recommending too.

  15. Fredrick H.

    The buying process was super easy. We love our Ayurvedic Beds! Would recommend this matress to everyone, especially if you have neck and back problems. I haven’t slept this good in years!

    It came via DHL from india. we worried the Packing initially how they transit the huge size mattress to UK. but it was unimaginable.

  16. Girish Gowda

    Love how cool it feels to the touch

  17. Abhinaya Madhavan

    We had a sleep number bed and we were both waking up with sore backs and necks constantly but all of that stopped after we got the Ayurvedic Bed

  18. Elina

    Was VERY spectacle with all the other mattresses out there. Put in 2 months of research & decided AB seemed to be our best option.Three weeks of sleeping on pure bliss! I do not feel my husband turn over nor get out of bed (HUGE PLUS)! After the first two nights of sleeping on my ABI did not want to get out of it! Now wish I had purchased it months earlier. It is AMAZING & so worth the money!

  19. thomas

    I’ve waited almost a month to write an honest review. I waited for that dreaded feeling of falling into the body hole my Temperpedic bed I hate each night. To my surprise, my That never happened !!!bed feels like what I imagine a bed in heaven would be!!! I now do NOT have the severe pain I normally Always have daily

  20. vithuran

    The best purchase I’ve made in a while. I used to wake up with joint pain every morning. I haven’t had any pain since I got the bed. I’m getting better quality sleep too.

  21. villiam

    Probably the most comfortable bed I’ve had. It’s not too firm or soft. I don’t usually stay asleep much at night but I have had great sleep because of it.

  22. Sarah

    I was so excited to get this mattress. It was extremely firm for my liking. I bought a plush mattress protector and now it is much better. It does have a breaking in period.

  23. Jermiah

    Love this bed ❤️❤️… Best sleep ever

  24. Ganesh

    was the smartest decision I’ve made in a long time! Sleep on this and you will wonder why you would sleep on any other mattress again. The mattress is super cooling, so you do not get overheated at night. It doesn’t make you feel cold either. It just makes your sleep temperature even and well balanced.

  25. Tharun

    I did many hours of research on memory foam, latex, hybrid mattresses. I am about 220 lbs. A mostly side sleeper. The 11″ bed has been an excellent decision, and the right choice.

  26. Harivarsan

    Very nice bed. Was skeptical at first, but after just 2 nights, I knew I’d love this bed. The CRIYA provides us with the perfect combination of firmness and comfort. The cooling properties are perfect. What more can we say other than WE LOVE IT.

  27. Ranjith

    At first, I was really skeptical about buying a mattress online. But to our surprise, the bed has been everything as advertised. Nice comfortable sleep with the aches and pains of our old mattress.

  28. boopalan

    Perfectly soft and firm. Great for my back. Love it. Would buy again. Would recommend.

  29. kumeresan

    I have arthritis which, due to injury years ago has affected my back and knees. I was having trouble sleeping not being able to get comfortable. We received our adjustable split king about a week ago. What a difference sleeping better every night. Hubby likes it too. Would recommend this bed it is awesome

  30. Gnanaprakash

    I’ve never had such a comfortable mattress in my life. I have chronic back pain and this has helped me. I no longer wake up stiff and sore. The cooling gel in the mattress is also real nice. I’m so happy I made the leap!

  31. saravanan

    I lived with back pain for years. This bed is a game changer. So comfortable and soft. My body just Melts into it! Love it!

  32. Ajith

    I have had the double layer mattress now for almost a month and I like it. I had payed for the White glove treatment, don’t bother, it is a easy set-up to do. I love the pillows as well.

  33. Gunasekaran

    Ayurvedic Beds sleeps much cooler than my old temper pedic mattress. My wife said his aches and pains went away!

  34. Kavitha

    The buying process was good and so far everything seems to be good with the bed so far and the bed seems comfortable.

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