In our perspective, Sleep is the core for stress-less life. it led to healthier family and finally world have peace.light and laughter.

Layer’s of comfort is not enough nowadays. people are in need t of features such as heal cure and rejuvenation.

ISO 12949:2011, ISO 19833:2018 are talks about the mattress quality. we entirely following this standards for quality,manufacturing and safety standards. ITIL for process management. AAIBB certification for kapok quality. we adhire USDA & ECO-CERT, PETA Cruelty Free.


BEDDING = what we love,what we are good at,what we paid for,what the world needs.


we have MOU for R&D with oldest universities (Ayurveda,Engineering,Marketing) in the world.

How we Deal an order

Order Form & QC FORM


ORDER FORM : we  record Ato Z about the customer requirement .So we make sure there is no communication gap. and a SPOC assigned for an Order. he takes the entire responsibility.

QC FORM : –QC form data always compared with the Order form details. and the SPOC make sure there is no mismatch in the configuration.



Kapok is core stuffing material and as there were unlimited adulteration happened in past years. To make sure adulteration,chemical free,native kapok we have revolutionary integrated kapok analyzer.All the top class bed come with this report.