coupon code

why there is a discount?

Does the discount affects the quality?

  • of course no
Coupon CodeWhat is Offered?Conditions
LUCK2P2 Free Pillow based on size of the bed*Applicable for mattress type
* For Rollable mattress
* not exchangeable / transferable
* Colour and Design is mostly of same bed colour design – still it depends on the availability.
* Depends on size , it will be packed with Bed or shipped separately.
* one at a time
* No clubbing
LUCK08Gift Box – you really amazed with it * one at a time
* No code clubbing
* Applicable for mattress type only
* not transferable / exchangeable
* GIFT worth upto 2000 Rs
LUCKBS2020Free Bed Spread* Bed Spread worth upto 2500 Rs
* LayaBeds CX team decides the colour / Design
* it is based on availability
* one at a time
* no coupon code clubbing
* no exchange / no transfer
* cab be applied only for mattress categrories