Ayuvedic Beds – HERITAGE


Do you know what could beat the exciting feeling of having a new ? Make your own !


First Generation

Nanja Pandara Vaidyar,who was a siddha vaidya,local temple priest also do natural beds.As per him” most of illness is caused by stress and the root cause is not slept well”.His Dream is to create a concectrated place when the people come and enjoy & Sleep.

Second Generation

Veera Pandara vaidyar (also called vatthiyar).who also a siddha vaidya,who created many medicines for joint pains,skin infection,hairfall,hear aid…so onHe was also do bedding.his passion is to create a herbal bed.


Third Generation

Who has enourmous  interest in designing creative and custom size beds


Current Generation

Myself Jeeva, Founder of Ayurvedic Beds & Laya Beds.From Childhood i have seen that my father struggling to improve the product design to match the modern people need.they were in need to re-engineer the product. so they insist me to do the engineering degree.  and worked for some years in IT industry. with the knowledge gained and with the support of technology and few oldest ayurvedic college research support , we came out with the sleep engineered products.From the limited village business, we moved to Registered State of art manufacturing facility, with new Name LayaBeds. As we follow the same ayurvedic line , we sell with the name ayurvedicBeds.Do you know a good sleep can change the world? we are just making tool to sleep better and with the energy you can change the world.