Cool Beds

Do you know what could beat the exciting feeling of having a new cool bed?


Basic V1

Foldable Organic Kapok Mattress

Basic v1 is entry level Non Foldable Mattress made using Organic natural kapok. PCM in native kapok manages the temperature around it .so that you can have breezy sleep. also it is more flexible and stronger than any other fiber. so it offers more buyonacy.

AyurvedicBeds Kapok classic bed m7

Classic 2000


Classic 2000 is entry level natural organic mattress series. as it have better firmness it last long. you get very cool sleep from double layered breathable cotton fabric cored with native organic kapok. It is highly anti allergic, and temperature sensitive.



Entry Level Premium Kapok Mattress with honeycomb design. based on bio mimic and design thinking technology, we have re-engineered this kapok mattress, cored with organic kapok.more flexi, more responsive, more support.


Galaxy is entry level organic kapok mattress. unlike other’s it is borderless design. so you get more place to sleep. And the native kapok core PCM is maintained using the breathable cotton mattress fabric. so that you get more space. more flexibility. more comfort.