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Better than the standard

We can all do more for the environment and we all have a responsibility. At LayaBeds Company we do not mind leading the way and take responsibility. Our own requirements for raw materials, packaging and production are far higher than what existing certifications demands today since many certifications do not guarantee a 100% organic and chemical free product.

Who We Are?

What Trigged to Born LayaBeds

Till that. Last 4 generation, we were Manufactured kapok beds from our own factory located at small village Gobichettipalaym, Erode. Tamilnadu, India . Where the core stuffing material is cultivated and sourced from our own 65 acre farm. And was selling locally.

Our founder worked in many top IT companies, after his Engineering graduation. But he was interested in starting his own bedding business. but not "me too" so he Re-engineered the existing organic kapok mattresses. and redesigned it, based on sleep engineering principles, And named as AYURPEDIC (Ayurvedic + orthopedic) particullary for to get rid of back pain.

As there were huge demand in organic bed worldwide he would like to take this.so in 2016 he quit his IT Job and registered the business as LAYA BEDS , and start selling organic natural mattresses via ayurvedicbeds.com and shipped worldwide.

Why Us?

Because we Innovated CRIYA Model

Early 2015 , a young couple approached for a new mattress with the unique requirement. They needed a completely & differently adjustable mattress, Adjustable the way they want it.

it challanged us and needed a complete innovation. So He setuped a " Design Thinking" based R&D team. He mimicked the blade server concept in bed and made a revolutionarily 100 % adjustable natural organic mattress. Surprisingly, Customers simply loved it. it gone viral.

Why You?

SPANDA , Our Ultimate

early 2017, he tried to appoint his friend, to drive his marketing channel , After week of analysis he told " if the product is remarkable it markets itself" and volunteered with R&D Team. As he had industrial designing experience, He completely redesigned the CRIYA model that which emotionally connect with .

It took 4 complete years to come out with a perfect design ,it is Artistic, Rthymic and Emotionally connects and Relaxes you with its 6 th sense AI (artificial Intelligence)( creates visuals, that speaks, Answers , Aromates, Sings Even tell stories) based with 100 % Adjustable Natural organic mattress.

Named SPANDA, which means (union with ultimate). A fully functional bed which is completely different shape, design, and function than any other beds . Also it reacts for your mood and completely relaxes you.

Dec 2020, SPANDA with AI completed his first QA.

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