Basic Model V1 Discontinued

Dear valued customer, it is officially declaring that LayaBeds BASIC V1 model will be removed from shop listing on 27-Nov-2020.

You still get door step service support
You can change it to new model with discount price.
for any help or support mail / chat / call us anytime.

What is AyurvedicBeds Basic Model ? and why we discontinued?

Help Finding Information Online

AyurvedicBeds Basic Model V1 mattress bed is purely made on kapok silk cotton (ilavam panju). which is rollable in nature. so that you can easily move the bed here and there. And this kapok ilavam panju mattress is purely made on 100 % cotton mattress fabric. there is no chemical used in processing. as there were no chemical / no coir / no foam / no latex used , it is child friendly.

Production space and resource crunch
Recommended alternative is Classic Model